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The Treasure of the Winter Isle is a turn based rpg adventure.
You, Ekhard the adventurer, have heard tales of the Winter Isle and the Winter Maiden. Those who can awaken the Maiden, with the magical spirit lamp, can claim the treasure of the Winter Isle. What adventurer could turn down that?
With the help of Holdefast the dog, Ekhard gets ready to set sail for the isle...


Custom evented battle system: Have you ever played "For the Frog the Bell Tolls?", it's based on that. No stock rpg maker battles here!
Custom assets: Completely custom 8bit-style graphics!
A Zelda-esque map to explore!
2 Endings!


The whole game can be controlled with either mouse, keyboard or gamepad.
Mouse 1 is confirm and mouse 2 is cancel/menu. Click mouse 1 anywhere on-screen and you will run towards that spot.
Z is confirm and X is cancel/menu. Arrow keys move.
Depends on your gamepad. I suggest you just try pressing buttons, since there's only directions and 2 action buttons to find.

All keys are rebindable in the options menu.

The game is currently at version 1.01. Bug reports and comments are welcome, but I probably wont be uploading another version any time soon. Sorry to disappoint anyone, but I'm busy with other projects at the moment!

Thank you for trying my game!

Install instructions

This game should NOT require anything special to play. Just unzip the file and double click Game.exe to play.
If you encounter any errors, please first make sure they are not bugs to do with the RPG Maker MV engine before contacting me.


The Treasure of the Winter Isle 1.1.zip 84 MB


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Love the game, nice old school exploration feel!

I'm playing 1.1 but seemed to come across a bug. After getting the canoe I went north/north-west from the Christmas Rabbit's hut and the game gets forever stuck on a "Loading..." screen. If I exited west, then went back to the Rabbit's hut screen, I could then for some reason proceed to the other exits without it getting stuck again

hey man loved the game my buddy and i did a lets play video of it heres the link if you wanna check it out theres 4 part btw


Thanks dude <3

Yeah no problem we had a blast if you make another game.hit us up we will be more than happy to play it